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White Indonesian Project

In July or August James Wilson offered me a skink I could not pass up. He trusted that it would be well taken care of and wanted me to see if I could do anything with it. 

This Indo came to the US in 98 as an adult selling in the mid 4 figures. It was passed along from Ben Siegel to other dealers finally arriving in the hands of a friend of James. 

This animal is probably one of the meanest monsters I've ever seen. It even does the tail whip nonstop. Before it came into my hands it even got a piece of James' thumb. (I'm exaggerating but it did draw blood - sorry James!) From the looks of this animal, I would think it was a male but it's hard to say with some of these indos. I asked but it's not telling.

I left the pictures large so you can see the details. I also had to lower the lighting exposure otherwise it would've been completely white. The color you see her is as close as I could get it but it is whiter in real life. 

Some say it's a tyrosinase+ albino but I know little of this condition. Breeding it will prove if this even a recessive trait or otherwise.

Obviously finding a match isn't happening so my hopes is to simply match it with a normal indo with similar pattern and design to see what will come of it.

I'll probably then hold back the babies grow them up and breed them back to the mother if the trait seems to be a dominant one to bring the animals closer to the original white parent.  If for some lucky reason all the babies are normal, I'll breed back the babies to the parent and see if the next clutch has a mixture of normal (but het) and "white" babies. 

I'm not sure if I'll even be able to breed this animal. It takes a lot of luck and some skill, both of which may be lacking.


I am truly sad and devastated to report the passing of this amazing animal. I was truly hoping I would have my chance of breeding this skink this year.

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White Indo White Indo