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2014 CLASSIC NORTHERN BLUE TONGUE SKINKS: True Classic Australian Northern (Tiliqua Scincoides Intermedia)

NYMBEO14E NYMERIA AND BEOWULF If you purchase a baby from me I would greatly appreciate update photos so I can see what my work has produced. $250 HOLD S
2014 SNAKE: DUMERIL BOAS (Acrantophis Dumerili)
DUMF14A  Largest Female and Male Born in July of 2014, these babies have their mother's head scales (double Y pattern).


DUMF14B Largest Female and Male Female $125 AVAILABLE
DUMF14C Largest Female and Male Female $125 AVAILABLE
DUMM14D Largest Female and Male Male $125 AVAILABLE
Special Note on Classic Northerns and color


Most sellers of reptiles do not have pictures or are not willing to show you pictures of their adult animals. I always found this strange but it seems to be the norm. How many times have you heard or read ads that say, "This is a proven breeder" or "It's only a few years old?" I would take all these claims with a grain of salt. My favorite with skinks in particular  is this classic line, "This is captive bred!" Don't believe anything they say. Also take with a grain of salt anyone who claims to they have a 1.1 pair of baby blue tongues or even a 1.1 pair of juvie blue tongues for sale. Sexing blue tongues as babies is just not possible with our current knowledge. So why are people making these claims? The answer is a sad but common one: They are trying to take your money.  Be really careful with whom you conduct business and be extremely selective with whom you trust. I actually have my doubts about HET animals that I have acquired from other breeders as well. Maybe every other one they sell is a completely genetically normal animal. Who can you trust? It takes time and effort to do your research on your particular animal and the seller. Many are willing to gamble their reputation to make a few dollars. I am not. Ruining my name for a mere 50 dollars, even a thousand dollars is NOT WORTH it when I plan on doing this for the rest of my life! Conducting yourself with utmost integrity is the logical, honorable and intelligent and the only choice.

Buying a reptile is often like going to an antique fair. You'll find many fakes so you need to be educated in appraising your merchandise. How do you know it's captive-bred? How do you know how old an animal is? How will these babies you are looking to purchase look as an adult? Are the parents you are looking at really the parents or are they just any picture the breeder found to use conveniently to trick you into a purchase?

I will make my absolute, sincere promise that the animal's history is true. I will NOT deceive you in any way. I'm not doing this for money - it really is a hobby for me. I want to be able to support my growing hobby, use the income to pay off its costs, use the profits (if any) to invest in other animals I can only dream about.  I truly believe in the welfare of the animals and wish to promote them as much as I can. I want everyone to be able to enjoy blue tongue skinks and reptiles as much as I have for over 30 years of my life.


Beware of misleading advertisement claiming a baby skink will be "stunning, brilliant orange" or "will retain the color you see now." A Dumeril boa for instance will produce wonderfully brilliant orange babies.  But with age all that resplendent coloration will dissipate as quickly as the morning fog when one day, over night it will appear to have changed into another animal.  Unless it is a special strain or the parents are the rare exception and appear orange even with advanced age, assume your Dumeril will look like the typical adult brownish Dumeril (which is honestly one of the prettiest snakes regardless of color in my opinion) regardless of how colorful those babies appear. Don't let anyone tell you  this about baby blue tongues: "Oh this is going to be a REALLY ORANGE skink! Just look at it!"  Give me a break - I've seen just about every kind of baby skink possible. The only baby skink that I haven't seen in person are the Western and the Pygmy. You have to be able to have seen hundreds of babies and watch them grow into maturity to make such a claim.


GO BY THE PARENTS. If both parents are drab and dull it is ostensible that the baby will result in similar morphology. If the parents are completely orange, the babies will most likely be also. It's common sense but who is willing to show you their parents? Did they even BREED these skinks themselves? Are these pictures they are showing you even theirs or doctored in some unscrupulous manner? Look at the classic babies and the pure orange babies - they are very similar at birth but stare at the pictures and you'll see some minor (but significant) differences in coloration especially in the areas which are suppose to be drab such as the top of the head or neck. Regardless, I've seen really orange babies offered but they grew into normal classic adults. Other breeders take a farm mentality and put many animals together. In some circumstances it may be necessary breeding protocol but I place only one male with one female and often times loose a chance at having babies because not all successful copulations result in offspring. I have more "bad" years than good because of this practice. By breeding just one male to one female, you have the exclusive opportunity to know which parents your babies come from. Don't be fooled by these sellers. Do not be convinced by their rhetoric and charm. Remember not all breeders and sellers are selfish, conniving and unscrupulous. Many are wonderful, honorable people who are also pursuing this hobby for love of the animal and a few dollars too but I would say this is honestly less of the case. Just know at least with me you get to see exactly what you see and the parents they come from so when you pick the baby you  want you'll get it without subterfuge the way it should be.


If you truly care about purity and the heritage of these skinks, I hope you'll do your research and help me in my quest to keep our bloodlines in the US as pure as possible. You never know - you might sell your skink in the future and it might be bred with some other skink. If you get a pure skink at least you're support people who have cared so much to make it as pure and "wild" as possible for all our enjoyment. Maybe you'll want to breed your skink. It would be great to look down the line and know you got a fairly represented skink and have pictures of the adults on your hard drive so you can find an appropriate mate from a similar locale. I fully endorse keeping copies of the pictures of the parents of the baby you bought from me in your computer. They are not to be used on websites or magazines but I have no problem if you keep them for your personal not public use. If you sell your skink, please its history to the new owner and  have them contact me. I would deeply appreciate it. Lastly, if breeding is possibly your future intention, I will even provide extra care in giving you proper guidance starting with the choice of animal you purchase from me. Which animal would I breed would be the first thought in my head because the animal's welfare is of paramount concern. So why would I want to sell anyone a "dud" and have that be perpetuated in the future to taint strong and pure lines?


Yes but I say this with a clear caveat. It's not worth it, in my opinion, to save 50 dollars now from a cheaper dealer who has only basic knowledge of the animal they are selling and can expound common internet learned facts. It is not worth it to me to save 50 dollars and buy from a dealer who doesn't know the animal's true history. It is not worth it to save 50 dollars from the cheapest dealer only to discover they are out of business a year or two later. The 50 dollars you save spread out in the months and years you have your animal becomes petty and worthless but the quality of your animal never changes and is priceless. Are these so called sellers and "breeders" even going to have the experience or the conscientiousness to even answer your questions if you have any? Have you even tried to glean any information from these really popular breeders - HA- what about a large company where employees come and go ever few months?  If you ever need help finding a suitable mate for your blue tongue or have questions about this or that particular animal even if it's not mine; my knowledge and experience is yours. Hundreds and hundreds of people have asked through the years about a skink they did not purchase from me and I have always given my honest answer through my experience. I will even be glad to take a look and give you my advice to its heritage or suitability as a mate. If you are breeding an intergrade or a hybrid please state so in your ad when you sell your babies. I appreciate the honesty and the protection from contaminating the remaining bloodlines that are nearly impossible to replace. I appreciate your time reading my thoughts. I would appreciate any feedback and thoughts of your own.


Andrew Seike