Caramel Northern Project

James Wilson bred his Caramel Northerns (a line and color he created) for the last time in 2004 and I was blessed to have bought his last two baby Caramel Northerns on July 28, 2004. These two animals are from the mother pictured in James's article in the 2001 of Reptiles Magazine.

The color of these animals are truly remarkable as they have a rich caramel color unlike that of my orange bloodlines. I do not plan on crossing the oranges and caramels as I see it as a waste of effort James has made to create these special animals with their unique coloration. In actuality I see no benefit in crossing the caramels and oranges as the combination will either dilute the orange or make the caramel color a bit more orange.

I hope if you ever purchase these caramels that you will keep them with the same sub-species and animals of the same coloration (or as close as possible) to retain their uniqueness.

I also have another pair of caramels produced by Ray Gurgui who bought two caramels originating from the same caramel mother (as my own) but from a different father from James. These two animals are definitely true caramels and resemble my own. I'm glad to have different genetics to crossbred with my own which will make this line last a long time.

I will post more recent pictures of the caramels in the near future.


I originally thought these two Caramel Northerns to be males but as they grew up the last year, one began to show female physical characteristics. I was also able to successfully breed them this year and hope to have babies available in July or August '06.



 Female (P1) Male  (P1)
Female (P1)

Female (P1)