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Coffee Northern Project

This project has been in my possession before 2009 but I've known about them for many years before. Their origins goes back to the late 70s and 80s and I know of the original breeder quite well. I have never seen a more beautiful line than these skinks and I  am very lucky to have several in my collection from different years and generations (see description of female 3).

These animals have some of the cleanest lines I've ever seen, as pretty and pure as Ish, Em and Atticus without spotting on the forearms and barely a hint of it on their chins. They look similar to my Sunset Northerns in pattern but lack any orange or yellow whatsoever as seen in my old caramel northerns. They exhibit tremendous amounts of speckling on their backs (one of my favorite Northern traits)  while Caramels have very little. The babies they produce are unbelievably gorgeous, many of which are extremely hypo. Although the babies are born extremely orange they turn out Coffee. Having  owned and bred Caramel Northerns since 2004, producing many young, these group of animals look completely different hence a need to differentiate them from them with a new name.

Female #3 Although from the same origins came out of the midwest and looks similar but different. I am assuming the original breeder had several unrelated animals from the same time period. I thought this animal along with its sibling (not listed) would make a great addition to the coffee line to provide genetic diversity. I will most likely hold back any babies from this female and grow them up to ensure they still adhere to what I see as "Coffee" traits - the lack of orange of any kind.

Look how wonderful the speckling on the back is demonstrated on female 3!

Future plans

 I am currently looking to create an extremely hypo version of these animals by holding back the lightest of the litters. My plan is to reduce the black side blotches. I will always keep these classic coffees as they are one of my favorites - black side blotches and all which ultimately is my ideal preference.







 Female  1 Female  2
Female 3

Male 1

 Virgin male - Picture coming soon!
Female 3

Male 2