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Welcome to Sunset Skinks - home of the blue tongue skinks, where the love and appreciation of the animals not the money is the top priority.

Here at Sunset Skinks, we are not into "fads" or "get rich quick schemes." Our reason for starting this venture was to support our growing reptile population. We plan to stay and our reputation will precede us. Our longevity in this hobby is rooted by our inherent love and care for animals, which we were blessed at our conception. As pet owners we have an even greater responsibility to take care of those that have no choice but to be under our supervision. If we decide to raise or sell an animal, a great deal of care is given to its health and well being.

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Vision Statement

Under our care we have living art and gems more valuable than any precious stone ever unearthed which must be given the best quality life. We are willing to give you all our "trade" secrets, stories and experiences without the rhetoric or deception. In return, when we pass on our animals to you we ask you, as responsible owners, to give it the best you can offer and pass on your love and knowledge to others. Exploitation of a life is nothing short of slavery. 

We look forward to making contacts for friendship and/or business with people who are honest, reputable, friendly and kind. Most importantly, we hope to work with people who wish to propagate and protect these rare treasures being destroyed by their mammalian "masters."


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Thank You

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO VIN RUSSO OF CUTTING EDGE HERPETOLOGICAL FOR HIS UNEQUALLED KINDNESS. I have known Vin for years (doing business with him on a few occasions) but have never met him. He heard about my fire and my losses and without provocation he said he would send me something to get me back on my feet. I believe a month or two passed and I completely forgot his offer until one day I got a message and a box from him. He didn't indicate what was inside the box so when it came it was like Christmas but from a real life Santa Claus. Opening the box were 4 pairs of baby ball pythons including a het pair of his leucistic line! What kind of person would do such a thing? A person who is truly one a kind and someone who has a heart of gold. I would like ALL BUYERS TO DO BUSINESS WITH VIN RUSSO for this is truly a man with integrity and compassion. Vin, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will not forget your kindness. One day I would like to shake your hand and repay you for all this.

James Wilson and Ray Gurgui for being such great confidants and sources of inspiration. To my loyal friends, to all my customers, supporters, and to all reptile enthusiasts who appreciate and support our wonderful hobby.









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