Before ordering a reptile from anyone please read my comments on making purchases from breeders. Click to the link to the right: Buyer Beware.htm


We have a first come first serve policy on all our animals. To insure you have the right animal and have made the sale, we must have spoken or exchanged correspondence.  Any animal that is on the site which is available can be held with a non-refundable 25% deposit. All our animals, unless specified,  have been produced by us with loving care; no short-cuts were taken. We truly care what happens to our skinks and may ask several questions prior to sending out our charges. All our animals have permanent records via hardcopy and/or digital photographs of itself, the date of birth and the parents which will be given to you as proof of purchase. Many of our animals are investment quality with superb bloodlines. If you have bought one of these animals,  a special authentication process must be done to confirm its heritage. Please see the authentication section of this page. Regardless, we want you to love your new animal as we love ours and we'll always be here to help you with your questions. You can make your order through email


Cashier's check, money order,  Paypal (add 4.9% + .30)* and Bidpay are all great methods of payment. If you have another way which you wish to employ please contact us. Please don't send through paypal without receiving the correct email address. I would prefer cashier's check so you can avoid the pay pal fee.


We are an experienced shipper of animals through FedEx and UPS over night to arrive before 10:30 am We ship Monday - Wednesday. We will mark the package correctly as "harmless reptiles" to prevent any mistaken id of contents. The carrier will hopefully respect the living creatures within the package and take gentle care of it on its way to your door. I will also bring the package to FedEx at the last minute as to keep our babies in their packages as little as possible. (If you live in a questionable neighborhood and don't wish anyone to know the contents of your valuable cargo, please tell us.)

Proper insulation, padding and optional heating will be provided.

Shipping is usually $65 dollars for one baby skink but may go up depending on the animal(s) and weight. (This also includes my personal delivery to the airport FedEx location (my gas and mileage on my car), packing (a dollar),  handling (my time and effort),  syro-lined box (4-5 dollars including shipping to me), heat pack (a few dollars) if necessary etc.) UPS is a bit cheaper but more risky of a service as I have worked for the company in my past and know of Fed Ex employees and their advice about Fed Ex service. I'm sure you understand. If you think I'm over-charging you you'd be surprised how much overnight-next day morning prices are for both UPS and FedEx. I just shipped a skink to Indiana 68.10 exactly. I am not making a cent off of shipping. If anything I lose more than a few dollars.


You must notify us of your animal's arrival within 8 hours to activate your guarantee. We guarantee that the animal sent to you was honestly represented and should look similar to the parents but we don't guarantee the "exact" color you may have wanted. Under no circumstances will we disrespect you or ourselves by selling you an animal under false pretenses. Thus, we give you a 25 days guarantee on your animal as long as you return the animal in the exact condition it was sent. Although it's exceedingly rare and we take care to raise the babies for weeks or months before shipping, if your animal dies during the 25 days, we'll honor your circumstance and reimburse you with another animal minus shipping costs. You must contact us immediately and have the body of the animal either freezed and mailed back to us or taken pictures of digitally or through a camcorder. We'll do our best to take care of you and treat you fairly if anything goes wrong. Our relationship shouldn't end the moment you receive your animal and I, your money. We'll be here for you and respect your honesty and integrity if anything should go wrong.

Authentication for high end animals such as Sunset Northerns:

I realized some time ago that skinks like many creatures such as zebras, giraffes to humans have morphological patterns that are unique to that animal as zebra's stripes to a human finger print are only indicative of than lone creature. I have been fortunate to have taken some pictures of my animals growing up to confirm this hypothesis. When you purchase a Sunset skink or higher end reptile you will receive a hardcopy picture of your animal, date of birth, parent info and my signature. When your animal is six-seven months old, you must take a bird's eye view of the same animal and send it back to me to add to its records. A year later, the last photo (although I'd be happy to have more) must be sent to complete your authentication. By completing the authentication process you will insure that your animal will keep its value as a true Sunset Skink in case you decide to sell it or its offspring in the future. I will also keep all of this on file in case you may ever need this information again.

This is an example of an Authentication page for a non-classic skink. The other two pages is a brief care sheet I wrote to send to customers.

Please keep these papers and pass them to their new owner if you ever sell your skink in the future. I would also appreciate it if you or the new owner contact me (phone or email) so I can update my records. Thank you!

* See pay pal fees at