About Our Other Collection

Currently we have modest collections of other species such as Leopard geckos (I have always had them since the beginning as well), fat-tail geckos and ball pythons. 

If you're truly a reptile lover, you just can't help but experience them first hand. For me just having one doesn't tell me much about that particular species. By keeping several representatives of a particular species, I can observe first hand if their behavior is universal or individual. One can eventually begin to figure out which species are their favorites and stick with them. 

Reptiles are what they are; they aren't going to care about you or learn tricks however you can utilize Pavlov's classical conditioning to train them somewhat. Some people who don't understand and over-estimate their reptile charges, get bored with them but so do some people with fish. Some don't realize that a Burmese python really gets that large and takes two people to handle it. Some don't realize that Nile Monitors on average do not like handling and will "defend" itself against your intrusion into its enclosure. If you wanted a snake you can handle but is fairly large get a Dumeril or red-tail boa. However  for those who do their research and take their time learning about their pets before buying them realize what they are getting into. Your reptile is really a different, unorthodox kind of pet which is truly foreign to the mind of a furry pet owner who normally cuddle with their bunnies, hamsters, cats and dogs. 

Reptiles do have tremendous benefits as a pet. They eat a lot less (3 times a week and only one feeding usually), need less maintenance and are easy to care for. They also don't need much handling or interaction. Many learn to tolerate it as if you're a normal part of their environment. I think being able to handle a reptile is a blessing. Some never take well to it and I don't force the issue. Luckily many species are well suited for handling due to their unique nature. I am interested in these species of reptiles and have done research on them extensively.

I totally believe that if I had this many dogs or cats I would be neglecting them horribly in some way. Keeping that many furry animals would be impossible to do so adequately. With reptiles it's easy and completely feasible. This is another advantage. They don't need your constant care or presence. All in all, it does take a different type of person to actually own a reptile. You reading this now may also confirm this notion. If so, it's great to talk to a fellow herpetologist and reptile lover!

Ball Pythons Leopard Geckos
Fat-Tailed Geckos

Red-tail Boas